CAD Layouts

What is a CAD Layout?

A warehouse CAD layout is a detailed computer drawing that will include the configuration of the racks, the structure of the warehouse, and important features such as columns, doors, fire sprinkler locations, electrical panels and others that are critical to the layout of the racking system.

Do you HAVE to get a CAD drawing?

Good possibility, but not always.  If your warehouse racking project needs to be permitted (most do), then you will need a CAD drawing of your warehouse. CAD layouts are going to be required by the city/county as part of the permitting process.

Even if you don’t need permits (or you choose not to get them), a CAD layout is an important step in the planning process. Without a CAD layout, it’s easy to make mistakes that are hard to fix. Once your rack system is installed and anchored, it is expensive to move. So, placing the rack in the correct place the first time will save you a lot of money and valuable time. That′s why Fresno Rack & Shelving has it′s own In-house CAD department.


Am I going to have to get this permitted?

Most cities will require permits on any racking system or shelving unit systems that are over 5’9″ tall.

We will handle the permitting process so you can start using your system as soon as possible. 


Required Permits*

There are two different types of permits that will be required. 

  1. City or County Permits
  2. Fire Permits

Permits for the City or County are required of industrial storage racking systems that are over 5’9″ high

Fire Permits are required if product is stored above 8ft which can vary by jurisdiction. High Pile Storage permits will require more involvement from the Fire Marshal who will check the flammability of the product to be stored and the adequacy of the fire sprinkler system.

* Permit Requirements are subject to change at any time.


Permit Process

There are several steps to obtaining permits for a racking system. Some counties and states have different requirements, but typically they follow the same process.  Our customers can rest easy knowing that we handle the whole permit process from start to finish.

Get CAD Drawings
  1. Get Seismic Calculations
    – Our design team will establish calculations that are based on the specific configuration of the system and the estimated weight that will be on each level.
  2. Permit Documentation
    – We will get all necessary documentation prepared and submit the request for the initial permits to the applicable entities. 
  3. Installation
    – Once the initial permit has been approved, that’s when the system will start coming together in real life.  Our professional rack installers will come and install your system in accordance with California Building and Fire Codes.
  4. Special Inspection
    – We have an independent testing company that will come in and inspect how the system was installed and anchored. 
  5. Final Inspection
    – The local jurisdiction will perform their final inspection to make sure the system was installed per the approved plans.  At this time, you can begin to utilize your new system!

Seismic Calculations

Seismic calcs are an engineer’s calculations of the stability of the racking in a seismic event like earthquakes. The engineer will give you the maximum capacity of each beam level based on your proposed configuration. When determining seismic calculations, engineers consider several factors including: Racking manufacturer, upright gauge of material, strutting type and placement, size of footplate and anchor size, steel chemical composition, beam length, face size, gauge; beam placement (how many levels and at what heights from the ground level); how much weight is going on each level; and the thickness of the concrete. We can provide Wet Stamped Structural Calculations for all our projects to ensure your racking system will still be standing for decades to come per California Building Code Chapter 16 Structural Design. Seismic calculations are separate from but play a part in the capacity of your rack system.


Fresno Rack and Shelving has professional In-house Installation Crews that have successfully completed millions of square feet of racking systems. We are a California licensed contractor that prides ourselves on complying with all current building code standards when applicable.