Drive-In systems only have one entry point. Drive in rack is a high-density LIFO (Last in First Out) storage system. In a Drive-In Rack System, forklifts can drive into the rack structure. Pallets are placed on rails that are perpendicular to the main aisles. By reducing the number of aisles (compared to a selective pallet rack system), you can achieve extremely high storage density, we call this pallet/load cubing.

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Our products include:

  • Drive-In Racking
  • Push Back Racking
  • Pallet Flow Racking

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Structural Steel DRIVE-IN Racking

Drive-In Advantages

  • High Density – no other form of storage provides greater capacity in the existing cubic space.
  • Minimized pallet cost per square foot.
  • Eliminates need for expensive warehouse expansion.
  • Major cost savings utilizing existing lift equipment.
  • Maximum productivity with Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory control system.

Why choose Drive-In?

  • Adjustability – Can maintain 1″ vertical adjustability
  • Durability – Made to last longer; designed to hold up better; finished to look better, longer.
  • Warranty – Unlimited two year warranty against fork truck abuse is unmatched in the industry.
  • Experience – Over 50 years in the research, design, engineering, manufacturing and construction of structural steel rack facilities.
  • Bolted Connections – Strong at 360˚ and guaranteed against dis-lodgement even from upward vehicle or pallet impact.

Amazing Design

Drive-In rack systems are the most complicated storage systems to design, engineer, and manufacture. Yet, most companies and rack manufacturers overlook this complexity when designing the overall system.

We Offer:

  • Most modern, three-dimensional computer aided custom design and manufacturing technology.
  • Advanced Auto-CAD analysis and detailing system.
  • Complete line of special options and accessories.
  • Conveniently located, nationwide manufacturing facilities.
  • Specialists in freezer/cooler applications