Slatwalls of LPL, combined with MDF substrate, is a popular industry standard. It’s a durable slatwall product material  that’s attractive in price and  appearance. This makes it a top seller that can be found in shops  and stores around the world. It comes direct from the factory  with your choice of five standard finishes including white, almond, gray, black, and woodgrain. Plus, MDF substrate has great cutting and milling characteristics that make it an industry standard for slatwalls, fixtures and displays. With the LPL finish of your choice, it’s ready for cutting and assembly into a fixture or store display with easy-to-care-for finish. (MDF substrate only).

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Fresno Rack & Shelving Slatwall panels in stock are 48″ x 96″ x ¾″ MDF in a selection of colors: white, light gray, maple, and paint grade. Groves run the 8′ direction. Our stock is in Fresno and Bakersfield, California.

Dove Gray $99
Maple $99
White $99

We also stock slatwall accessories such as chrome hooks and wire baskets.

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Ball Waterfall
$3.75 ea.

Slant Shelf w/Lip
$26.00 ea.

2″ – 12″ Slatwall Hooks

2″ Hook – $1.20 ea.
4″ Hook – $1.40 ea.
6″ Hook – $1.50 ea.
8″ Hook – $1.55 ea.
10″ Hook – $1.80 ea.
12″ Hook – $1.95 ea.

Shoe Shelf
$2.50 ea.

Hat Hanger
$3.60 ea.

Shelf Brackets

6″ $2.80 ea

10″ $3.70 ea.


5 Hook Waterfall
$4.15 ea.

Double Bin
$19.50 ea.

Sign Holder
$4.00 ea.

Square Tubing
$2.50 ea.

Rectangle Tubing
$3.60 ea.