Flow Racking

Flow Pallet Racking can be an alternative to Drive-In. This specific system is gravity based; no power required. Flow Systems allows for single or dual pallet handling. The Flow systems are widely used in heavy-duty food and beverage applications. By deciding to go with a Flow System, you can gain up to 50% more space or capacity, increase productivity, save money on time and labor costs, and reduce equipment costs.

Push Back Rack

A pallet is loaded on a cart at the front of the bay. To load a full pallet, the forklift pushes the first pallet back (which rolls easily because of the cart it is resting on) and places the second pallet on the next cart in the nested stack. This process is repeated multiple times for as many carts as the system holds. Because the rails and pallets are stored at a slight incline, pallets automatically roll to the front of the bay when pallets are removed.